Dog Groomers

Written by Sara Strand
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Dog groomers are highly respected people who work in a variety of environments. Some own their own shops, some have mobile services, and some work from home. Some work full time while others work part time, or at their leisure. What all groomers have in common is that they are trained professionals, with all the respect and admiration that go along.

Dog groomers, while they do not need a license to provide care, do go through extensive training. There are many different breeds of dog, and each unique breed has a distinctive look. Owners will want to find a dog groomer who knows how to groom their specific breed of dog and has gone through some kind of a training program.

Dog Groomers Are Trained Professionals

Knowing how to clip and care for different breeds of dog is a large part of the training that dog groomers go through, but there are other facets as well. People thinking of going into grooming should look for programs that also address basic care, such as nail clipping, eye care, and ear plucking. These are the types of simple services that go a long way towards building one's credibility as a dog groomer.

Similarly, the best qualified groomers will be those who have gone through training in animal health. There are a variety of conditions and issues with which anyone handling pets should be familiar. To be a successful pet care specialist, you might want to look into programs that offer sections on more serious health concerns such as ear infections, hip problems, and internal and external parasites, such as fleas.

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