Dog Grooming How To

Written by Sara Strand
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The keys to being a successful groomer include having dog grooming how to, having the right tools, and a friendly environment and service, but most importantly it comes down to your skills. One of the hardest parts of getting started can be trying to figure out what it is that you need to know! When learning your dog grooming how to, here are some key points to remember.

Dog Grooming How to Made Simple

Most importantly, each breed of dog has different grooming needs. They have different lengths, textures, and traditional styles of hair that you must know and practice, practice, practice. You wouldn't give a spaniel the same treatment and cut as a poodle, right? Of course you wouldn't, but most of the differences aren't so obvious, so study up on the different breeds.

The second piece of dog grooming how to information goes beyond simply hair and fur. Groomers must also know how to trim nails, condition the skin and look for skin conditions, and take special care of the ears. Most of these are things that will be covered in any quality dog grooming course, and will come up in your practice more often than you think.

Finally, a dog groomer's tools are essential to his ability to do a quality job. You will need a clipper with various size blades, curved scissors, straight scissors, and thinning scissors, as well as a de-matting tool. Once you have all of these tools in your arsenal, you are ready to begin.

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