Dog Grooming Tips

Written by Sara Strand
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While there are no dog grooming tips that can replace a quality training program or lots of practice, once you've done those things, there are ways to enhance your business. One of the best ways to pick up new tips is simpler than you might think: ask a professional! Many times they are willing to share their expertise with a novice just beginning, and since they have been grooming for a long time, you can imagine how many dog grooming tips and great products they can share with you.

Dog Grooming Tips 101

Clipper burn can be extremely painful for the dog being groomed, and irritating for the owner. Avoid clipper burn by always using the right length of blade. Each part of the dog's body will need a different blade. Make sure you stock a variety of blades so that you always have what you need right at your hand. A quality training program will always discuss the proper clipping technique.

Is it taking too long to get your client's dog completely dry after grooming? Investing in a stand dryer or a cage dryer might be just the trick to speed your business up and get in more clients per session. These dryers are both faster and easier, and produce beautiful results.

The final rule of the dog grooming tips is perhaps a little more obvious, but can easily be forgotten: enjoy yourself! Dog grooming is a fun job, and even though you must act like a professional at all times, you are still allowed to enjoy yourself. Take pride in your work and in the compliments you receive from satisfied customers.

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