Pet Grooming Business

Written by Sara Strand
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Even though you may think of yourself as a skilled groomer first, and a business owner second, customer relations will be the cornerstone of your pet grooming business. Providing a positive experience for your clients and their pets will keep them returning to you. Another incentive towards strong customer relations can include the referrals from current clients to their dog owning friends, which can bring in a steady amount of new customers.

Customer Relations in the Pet Grooming Business

Customer service includes a variety of facets of your business. Some customer relations choices you will want to think about ahead of time, before even starting your pet grooming business. These might include what types of payment you will accept, what prices you will set, where you will work from, and what services you will or will not offer.

Other customer service interactions will be a daily occurrence, once your business is up and running. How do you greet your clients? Do you thank them for their business? While these may seem mundane and far-removed as you are just getting started, these small details will seem very important to your customers.

It is your job to provide quality service in a friendly atmosphere. Your pet grooming business will rely on your business skills and acumen, and those of any person you may choose to hire. Be sure to remember to focus on the business aspect of your career as much as the craft and skills you develop in order to keep the business thriving and growing.

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