Terrier Grooming

Written by Sara Strand
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Terriers have been increasing in popularity ever since the 1990s, and so the need for proper terrier grooming has increased as well. Their wide variety and the increased availability of certain breeds have encouraged many owners to adopt terriers. With so many different types of terriers, there are many different styles to master.

Yorkshire terriers require special care of the ears to keep them healthy and neat. Their long coats are beautiful and silky, so be gentle when washing them. Finally, Yorkshire terriers often benefit from having the hair that normally falls into their eyes tied back in a cute bow. This is a darling look, and most owners love to see a special bow on their dog after a groom.

Irish terriers have a nearly opposite type of fur! Their terrier grooming needs include a short cut for their wiry hair. Their coat needs thorough thinning about every two months. The direction in which you trim this breed is very important to the final product.

Terrier Grooming Tricks

Many of the shorthaired terriers, such as Bostons and Bull terriers can benefit from a light post-wash conditioner. I recommend using a spray type, and then combing it through to give the coat that fabulous sheen. Whitening shampoos are also available for bull terriers to keep their coat looking clean and healthy. With terriers of these types, whisker clipping is an option, but not all customers want the whiskers trimmed. Ask your client before you begin what terrier grooming method he would prefer.

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