Beginning My Insurance Career

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Beginning My Insurance Career: Tips for Applicants

"Beginning My Insurance Career" might well be a digest of Do's and Don'ts for the person who is just starting to think about entering the industry. Do develop an excellent resume that emphasizes your college courses that are relevant to the insurance business: psychology, economics, mathematics, finance, public speaking. Include any honors, scholarships, or special recognition you received.

Do obtain good references for your personal and professional qualities from professors, employers, supervisors, and ministers. If you are not familiar with the latest formats for resumes, go online or seek out a local resume writer. When you get an interview for insurance company jobs, dress conservatively, try to be confident, and be courteous.

Don'ts for the Entry Level Applicant

Don't turn in a resume with typos or misspellings, coffee stains, or rips! This paper is your entree into the world of insurance jobs, and any sloppiness may be taken as a sign of low standards. Don't make inaccurate or false statements on your resume, application, or any other paper you file with the personnel department. It isn't worth the risk to your career if untruths are discovered.

There is often a fine line between being confident and being arrogant. Don't be a know-it-all who engages in one-upsmanship with the interviewer. Don't interrupt, but try to ask intelligent questions about salary, working conditions, and company expectations of someone who is just "beginning my insurance career."

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