Great Insurance Jobs

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Great Insurance Jobs Just Right for You

Great insurance jobs are advertised in many ways, from newspaper classified ads to direct mail ads. While these marketing venues may give you one or two leads, going online and letting your computer explore regional or nationwide insurance jobs is the most convenient and efficient method for conducting an insurance job search. This way, you get an idea of what various companies are looking for in employees, and what trends are forming within the industry.

If you are a college graduate with a major in any of several fields related to insurance; if you have good communication skills, and if you are good with computers and other technology, the insurance business is looking for you! These are the prime areas that insurance recruiters are looking at when screening applicants. An employee who gets along with people, handles problems intelligently, and has good judgment, is a find!

Build a Good Record

Unless you absolutely cannot tolerate a desk job, or having irregular work hours, getting your foot in the door in any reasonable position might be the wisest course. Once established as a hardworking, efficient, likable employee, you can consider crossing over into another area. In the claims department, for example, there are adjusters, examiners, appraisers, and investigators. Each position has a slightly different focus than the others.

Once your background has enabled you to obtain any of several great insurance jobs, concentrate on doing a good job, of course, but also on what it takes to get ahead. Insurance is a highly competitive field, and mastering telecommunications advances and staying current on issues and court cases will keep you at the top of the list for promotions. Companies and state regulations make continuing education mandatory, but expanding your knowledge also enhances your leadership skills.

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