Insurance Adjusters Careers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Insurance Adjusters Careers for Flexible Employees

Insurance adjusters careers require persons who are flexible and organized, and who have good communication skills. Because they are responsible for scheduling the processing of a claim, they need to know the ins-and-outs of the particular field the claim falls under. A well-organized employee can readily plan interviews with the claimant and witnesses, plan records searches of police files, and inspect property damage in order to move the process along.

Interviewing skills are essential, for the range of interviews covers witnesses to professionals, such as doctors. Consultations with other professionals are common: lawyers, architects, tax accountants. An adjuster who is sociable and is good with all kinds of personalities will be able to gather the necessary information efficiently.

Continuing Education and Technology

These are two all-important areas that the competitive insurance industry is emphasizing. In addition to passing aptitude tests that indicate desirable skills levels in mathematics and communication, for example, applicants for insurance adjusting jobs should be aware that most companies also require continuing education. Changes in claims and tax laws and policy coverage issues make it necessary for adjusters to keep abreast of significant shifts in their field.

Although large insurance companies are downsizing and using call centers, claims insurance adjusters careers are expected to increase in the property/casualty and health insurance areas. Laptop computers are common among adjusters, and these allow instant communication as well as enabling the adjuster to download forms on the spot. Digital cameras give adjusters the capability of filing photographs of damage with the company from the field. New software programs analyze damage and provide estimates of costs based on data fed into the computer. To stay competitive, an employee in these insurance jobs must master innovations in technology.

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