Insurance Career Opportunities

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Insurance Career Opportunities for Long-Range Planners

Insurance career opportunities seem to open up for those who assess the qualities and education that make an attractive candidate for promotions. Insurance companies are clear about what they are looking for in their employees, and ambitious workers will absorb this information and make it work for them. In general, companies want good communications skills and competence.

Good communication skills include many positive qualities, such as articulate, clear speech that informs the listener about instructions. Being a good listener is a vital part of communicating; active listening is a skill taught in many classes for supervisors and managers. Being genuinely interested in the other person shows in a conversation and makes that person feel important to the dialog.

Being Good at the Job

Communication skills are essential to a sales agent who is selling insurance to many different kinds of people, to an investigator trying to elicit information from possible criminals, and to an executive explaining new ideas to the board of directors. But an amiable personality will not compensate for incompetence in insurance jobs.

Any new hire has a lot of learning to do, but so do those newly promoted to another position, including executives. There are many ways to learn how to do well in jobs in insurance--learn from peers, emulate the work habits and organizational abilities of a senior employee, and take advantage of continuing education. Ongoing learning is considered so important to competence and to insurance career opportunities that states mandate such education for licensed and certificated employees.

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