Insurance Claims Jobs

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Insurance Claims Jobs Cover Several Groups

Insurance claims jobs include several categories: adjusters, appraisers, examiners, investigators. Each type of job has its specific duties, but in general, the basis for all these positions is representing the insurance company in dealings with its customers. Whatever problem arises, one of these employees will probably be assigned to handle it.

Claims adjusters in property and casualty insurance deal with claims filed by customers with automobile or homeowner policies. If you have had a car accident, you have probably talked with an adjuster who called you to get information about details of the accident, about medical treatment and costs, and expenses for repair of your car. These insurance company jobs require a worker who is organized and self-starting because an adjuster schedules the repairs and processes the claim to its conclusion.

Fraudulent Activities

If fraud is suspected in a case, the claim is referred to an investigator who is specially trained in uncovering criminal activity. In arson cases, the insurance investigator will work closely with fire department investigators to determine the cause of a fire. Staged car accidents are more frequent than ever, and insurance investigators will examine medical treatment and records, and interview witnesses and principals to find out if the accident was staged or not.

Filing false disability claims is also common, and if you are interested in an insurance fraud investigation career, this is a growth area. The range of insurance claims jobs and activities is wide, with a need for records searches, surveillance, and interviewing skills. This entire job category is one that requires people who are perceptive, persistent, and who pay attention to detail.

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