Insurance Fraud Investigator Jobs

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Entry Level Insurance Fraud Investigator Jobs

Insurance fraud investigator jobs require skill, experience, and certain personality traits. An investigator is similar to a detective and has the same legal right to obtain personal information about claimants and witnesses. Anyone can search public records, but investigators can do background checks and acquire addresses, phone numbers, criminal records, and other data that might turn up helpful facts.

With so much responsibility for accurately processing a claim, a great deal of experience is necessary. Employees with entry level insurance investigator jobs work closely with, and under the supervision of, experienced employees. Insurance companies prefer to hire former law enforcement officers as investigators, so new hires might likely start gaining experience in other departments.

Advancement from Other Positions

The insurance business is complex, with issues and claims requiring knowledge about many fields. No jobs in insurance require more expertise than insurance fraud investigator jobs. For this reason, claims investigators and adjusters may transfer to fraud investigation after they have sufficient training and experience.

Continuing education is essential for all insurance positions, not only because most companies require it, but because the insurance field encompasses so many other fields: medicine, law, healthcare, architecture, construction. The ability to use technology is important; laptop computers and cell phones, for instance, facilitate communication between investigators in the field and colleagues in the office. For an ambitious employee who wants to become head of a department or a manager, keeping up with technology and issues in insurance is a must.

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