Insurance Industry Job

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Insurance Industry Job in Claims

An insurance industry job will let you step into insurance career opportunities at this time. Claims departments are expected to expand in the future, all because of the continuing increase in population. Although the larger insurance carriers are downsizing certain areas in claims, adjusters are still needed to process claims from an ever-increasing populace.

Claims adjusters and examiners may process paperwork, but they also have important contact with people--claimants, witnesses, professionals, police. As in all the growth areas in insurance jobs, communication skills are supremely important. The ability to use computers and software programs is a must today. Finally, as the claims field changes, employees must continue their education through courses that keep them current on the law regarding insurance policies and coverage, tax laws, and state and federal regulations.

Other Claims Positions

Claims examiners work in the life and health fields, with specialties in individual or group policies, and in dental or prescription drug areas. The requirements discussed above apply equally to examiners. Investigators, however, fall into a different category of skills and background necessary to do superior work.

An insurance industry job in investigation is rewarding for those who enjoy sorting out various pieces of information and forming a sensible picture of just what really happened in an incident. Insurance companies prefer to hire those who already have training in interviewing, surveillance, and documentation. This means former law enforcement personnel or private investigators, but entry level positions would work under these senior employees to gain experience.

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