Insurance Inspector Jobs

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Insurance Inspector Jobs Process Claims

Insurance inspector jobs put employees on the frontlines of claims processing. When a claimant contacts the insurance company because of property damage, for instance, a claims representative examines the policy to see if it covers the type of loss. The representative also determines whether the amount of loss is covered. Finally, the representative decides how much the claimant should be paid.

In the health and life insurance areas, these representatives are commonly called claims examiners. Given the complexity of today's insurance policies and issues, employees who hold these insurance company jobs usually specialize in individual or group plans. Specialization is further broken down into hospital claims, or dental claims, for example.

Adjusters, Appraisers, and Investigators

In the property and casualty areas, claims adjusters deal with claims from home or automobile policyholders from initial contact to getting repair estimates to final payout to the policyholder. These adjusters also specialize in such areas as workers' compensation or car damage. Those who have insurance jobs as auto damage appraisers examine cars after accidents and estimate the cost of repairs.

When fraud is suspected, a claim is no longer routine, and payment is delayed until an investigator thoroughly examines the necessary records, interviews relevant people, does background checks, and performs surveillance. Detailed documentation, from photographs to criminal records, are gathered and organized to present as evidence. All these insurance inspector jobs require intelligence, good judgment, and good people skills.

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