Insurance Investigator Jobs

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Insurance Investigator Jobs Involve Records Searches

Insurance investigator jobs are fascinating if you like delving into people's motives and intentions to find the truth of an incident. Insurance fraud has increasingly been seen as a way to make easy money. Staged car accidents are on the rise, and disability fraud is frequent.

Jobs for insurance investigators involve everything from records searches to surveillance. Often, an investigator will start with background information on claimants and witnesses so the details of their lives are available. Insurance investigators have legal access to a person's address, phone number, Social Security number, driver's license number, criminal record, and claims history.

Tracking the Details of a Case

Potential employees for insurance investigator jobs should be intuitive and psychologically attuned to people's body language. Such skills are invaluable when interviewing participants in any scheme. The other major characteristic of those who are good at insurance fraud investigator jobs is attention to detail and the ability to make thorough searches of records.

Investigators have a routine, which varies according to the particulars of a case. Generally, they interview all relevant persons, including medical personnel, take photographs for documentation, and examine any facilities that might be helpful. Travel is often necessary to interview witnesses or view a site that figures into a case. The variety of documenting activities makes this a very interesting job; investigators have such status that they can be expert witnesses in court.

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