Insurance Jobs In Ga

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Good Insurance Jobs in GA

Insurance jobs in GA are increasing as companies and businesses shift their headquarters, plants, and offices to the South. With a growing population in major cities, such as Atlanta, insurance company jobs are growing with the population. As is the case nationally, demand for long-term care insurance, health insurance, and property/casualty insurance is increasing.

Major insurance companies all do business in Georgia, and with increased demand for certain types of insurance, insurance career opportunities shift to meet the need. "Captive agents"--those sales agents who work for one company--are positions that are decreasing nationally; many agents work for insurance carriers. With the growing crossover between banking and insurance financial products, more and more agents will probably be employed in these banking and security/commodity areas.

Expanding Role of Insurance Jobs

Georgia is seeing the same trends as the other states in the nation. The once-limited function of the local insurance agent is expanding to meet the needs of customers. Today, an agent, adjuster, underwriter, or anyone in the actuarial department must meet the competition by staying on top of technological innovations, telecommunication advances, and expanding job descriptions.

Insurance jobs in GA are regulated by the Office of Commissioner of Insurance, which licenses insurance companies and makes certain they stay financially viable. Insurance agents and others who deal with the public must be licensed. A Life and Health Division performs a more analytical and educational function regarding life and health insurance policies and advertisements.

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