Insurance Jobs In Massachusetts

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Varied Insurance Jobs in Massachusetts

Insurance jobs in Massachusetts benefit from being in a region in which major insurance companies have their headquarters or major offices. The New York/Massachusetts/Connecticut area provides great insurance jobs in almost any specialty. Since the insurance industry is becoming increasingly complex and specialized, such growth gives an advantage to an applicant who has the desirable education and qualities.

Companies prefer to hire a college graduate who has majored in any of a number of fields that would contribute to an understanding of the affects of economic and social conditions on insurance. Business law, finance, sociology, mathematics, psychology--these are just a few of the fields that would give you an edge when applying for jobs in insurance. A proven track record in sales, however, might put you in the running for an agent's position even though you do not have a degree.

Massachusetts Regulations

Companies and insurance jobs in Massachusetts are regulated by the Division of Insurance. The mission statement of the division makes clear that its main purposes are to oversee the solvency of insurance companies and to protect the public who buy insurance products. To that end, the state regulates all aspects of insurance operations within its borders.

The Automobile Damage Appraiser Licensing Board, for example, regulates appraisers in the state; it operates independently of the Division of Insurance. The Board sets and enforces standards for licensing, including the examinations and processes that lead to a license. Since Massachusetts is in a region that contains locations considered to be prime targets for terrorists, the Division of Insurance has information on the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 for consumers and insurance employees.

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