Insurance Jobs Pennsylvania

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Insurance Jobs Pennsylvania Offer Advancement

Insurance jobs Pennsylvania are increasing in areas that meet the needs of consumers. Life insurance sales have decreased, but as the population grows, demand for other types of insurance has increased. Agents who become licensed to sell health and long-term care insurance, or property and casualty insurance, should do well as long as they have the personality traits and competitive spirit that will help them get ahead.

Other growth areas for jobs in insurance include automobile and home insurance, as well as insurance for high-priced items such as home theaters and computer systems and peripherals. Not only will agents benefit from these trends, but so will appraisers of car damage and investigators of fraudulent claims. Still another expanding field with insurance career opportunities is commercial insurance; as businesses expand and new businesses start up, owners will need the protection that insurance affords.

Pennsylvania Assists Continuing Education

Pennsylvania views the continuing education of its insurance professionals as one way of protecting consumers. By ensuring that insurance employees stay current on changes in tax laws and consequences, and court cases and legal decisions, Pennsylvania can be certain that employees have a degree of competence and expertise. Currently, the requirement is for 24 hours of education credits within a two-year period.

State-mandated requirements aside, many companies have their own directives that spell out the types of courses, seminars, and training they want their employees to have. Insurance is a competitive field, and insurance jobs Pennsylvania are no exception. An employee who wants to advance in insurance needs to take advantage of offered training to stay abreast of the latest information.

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