Insurance Jobs Virginia

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Insurance Jobs Virginia Cover Many Positions

Insurance jobs Virginia offer positions covering the wide range found throughout the insurance industry. Actuarial departments look for employees who have analytical minds and who come up with solutions to problems. As risk assessors and problem solvers, these employees apply statistics and financial/investment ideas in order to predict an outcome.

Although insurance jobs are related in that they all deal to one extent or another with mathematics, people, policies, and investigation, each type of position has its own specialized duties. Actuarial jobs in insurance are related to jobs as risk analysts, statisticians, underwriters, and claims adjusters. The focus of each job, however, is quite distinct from the others.

Commonwealth of Virginia Regulates Insurance

The insurance industry is regulated in Virginia, just as it is in all the states. The Bureau of Insurance, a division of the Virginia State Corporation Commission, issues and renews licenses, inspects insurance company books to ensure the accounting is accurate, and reviews company finances to be certain the company is solvent. Any person who sells insurance in the commonwealth must be licensed to do so.

Insurance jobs Virginia open up entry level positions to college graduates, or, possibly, applicants who have a strong sales record elsewhere. Courses in psychology and economics, or a major in business law, finance, or mathematics, are pluses in a candidate's resume. Whether you are looking for a position as an underwriter or auto damage appraiser, go online and explore the websites of insurance companies who operate in Virginia.

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