Insurance Management Jobs

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Insurance Management Jobs for the Experienced

Insurance management jobs are usually reserved for those employees who have experience in the insurance field. Entry level applicants for insurance jobs should expect to work the simpler claims under the direct supervision of a senior adjuster, examiner, appraiser, or investigator. College graduates are preferred hires because they have a background that will lend itself to understanding and dealing with the mathematics, law, or engineering involved in a case.

A capable employee will handle increasingly complex claims, such as those involving bodily injury or suspected fraud. Competence and leadership qualities are required for advancement, and those employees who are interested in executive insurance careers must exhibit excellent communication skills. A manager in any field should have an excellent relationship with colleagues and have their respect and confidence.

The Competitive Spirit

The insurance industry is extremely competitive, and any agent who aspires to be a department manager, or any appraiser who wants to head the claims department, must have the requisite personal qualities. Relishing a challenge if you are an investigator, being persistent when you hit deadends--such a competitive nature will do what it takes to get ahead. Some employees enjoy having authority to streamline a department or to be able to encourage co-workers to get more training so they will qualify for promotions.

Innovative technology has changed the insurance industry just as it has many other areas. Computers, software programs, laptops--these have altered the way field personnel operate and communicate with headquarters. Those training for insurance management jobs must have the personal characteristics, experience, and competitive spirit that motivate them to broaden their capabilities in the insurance field.

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