Insurance Sales Jobs

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Insurance Sales Jobs for Ambitious Employees

Insurance sales jobs, like sales positions in any field, are for those who are outgoing, efficient, and hardworking. The first and sometimes only personal contact clients have with their insurance company is through their agent. As the frontline representative, it serves you and your company well if you are confident, enthusiastic, and caring.

Although many agents love their work and want to remain in the field office, others aspire to advance to agency superintendent or higher executive positions. Still others, who are particularly knowledgeable and capable, may want to eventually establish their own independent agencies or brokerage firms. If you are dedicated to an insurance sales career, you can climb the ladder of success through your abilities and efforts.

Importance of Continuing Education

Increasingly, the diversity of financial products marketed by agents has expanded from selling policies into selling annuities and mutual funds, for instance. Sales of life insurance are down, but other financial products have become more popular as people try to meet their needs for a secure retirement. Diversity requires a broad and specific knowledge about tax laws and implications, healthcare trends, and commercial insurance that deals with such essentials as employee benefits.

To remain competitive as an agent, you must broaden your knowledge and areas of expertise. Indeed, top insurance companies require continuing education of those who hold insurance sales jobs. With advances in technology, specifically, telecommunications, an insurance career opening will go to the agent who masters innovations and changes in the field.

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