Jobs In Insurance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Jobs in Insurance for Competent Applicants

Jobs in insurance go to college graduates who majored in subjects that are relevant to the insurance industry. Fortunately, many types of courses are considered helpful in understanding and working in the insurance field. Without a college degree, you would need an exceptional sales record, for instance, to compensate for the lack of a higher education. Companies prefer graduates because training in analysis and good work habits is already in place.

Once hired, qualities that supervisors look for when considering promotions include the ability to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues. Adjusters and investigators interview and consult with other professionals, so a receptive demeanor and good judgment are crucial. Sales agents should be enthusiastic, of course, as well as having the same ability to get along well with all kinds of people. Many positions in insurance require flexibility because field work is not a 9-to-5 job.

Advancing to Higher Levels

Insurance jobs require many of the same characteristics of personality, regardless of the department. Insurance careers are ideal for those who meet the two basic needs of the industry--attention to detail and people skills. Paperwork and people are the mainstays of the business, and employees who are efficient and pleasant to work with can look forward to promotions. Leadership skills are a plus in any position and department and should carry you far up the corporate ladder.

Staying current on technology and legal changes in the field is equally important. Insurance has become more complex as society becomes more aware of consumer issues and rights. An informed public helps to create more informed employees with jobs in insurance.

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