Jobs For Insurance Investigators

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Jobs for Insurance Investigators Are Growing

Jobs for insurance investigators are expanding, as the need for people skilled in interviewing, researching, and documenting grows. For this reason, insurance companies frequently hire former law enforcement personnel or private investigators; they already have the training and proven characteristics necessary for insurance investigator jobs. Other insurance employees, such as claims adjusters or examiners, can certainly move into investigator positions after they have experience.

Jobs for insurance investigators involve examining claims for fraud or other criminal activity, such as arson, excessive medical treatment, false claims for disability, and staged car accidents. Investigators might start with research--background checks could turn up aliases or a criminal record that are helpful in determining an accurate account of the event. Documentation is necessary, from personal inspection of sites to photographing any relevant building, facility, car, or injury.

Organization and Initiative

Those interested in an insurance fraud investigation career should be organized and self-starting, for an investigator determines the schedule and process of examining a claim. Patience and attention to detail are called for, because tracking information and piecing a story together takes time. Certainly, an investigator should not shy away from confrontations or back off from interviewing aggressive witnesses.

Situations will undoubtedly get sticky sometimes, so an investigator must be able to think quickly and be clever enough to ad lib to get the needed information. Understandably, working hours are not always 9-to-5; evening hours, night hours for surveillance, and weekends are frequent. Licensing varies throughout the states, so check the pertinent requirements in your area.

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