Texas Insurance Agency Careers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Varied Texas Insurance Agency Careers

Texas insurance agency careers begin with good entry level insurance jobs, which run the gamut from sales agents to underwriters. New hires work the simpler cases under the supervision of a senior employee, who takes on the more complex cases, often involving bodily injury or fraud. Applicants would be wise not to get locked into one specific type of position, but to get your foot in the door by accepting those jobs for which you are qualified.

Insurance jobs are related, although the focus in each category is different. College graduates who majored in mathematics, for example, would be in the running for several groups of jobs: statistician, risk analyst, finance clerk. Those who show leadership skills in jobs in any insurance department should advance rapidly.

Moving Up in a Company

Regardless of the specific job or department, an outstanding employee can move up in the department or cross over into related departments. A hardworking sales agent may become a sales manager, and eventually move on up to sales superintendent. An employee in the claims department who is efficient in processing claims might become a claims manager, just as an excellent investigator could be promoted to be supervisor of investigations.

In the future, prospects for careers are considered best in the health, and property/casualty fields. Downsizing is a definite trend among insurance carriers, especially among agents and claims employees, but increases in population bring along new policyholders who need services from companies. Some jobs cannot be automated, and with larger companies also emphasizing customer service, Texas insurance agency careers are growing.

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