Ultimate Insurance Job

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Planning for the Ultimate Insurance Job

The ultimate insurance job is one in which you can use your background, education, and personal characteristics. When this happens, the match between you and the job allows you to be and do your best. If you are not familiar with job categories and job descriptions in the insurance business, go online so you can explore these subjects at your leisure.

Insurance companies have websites that are often filled with informative details about jobs that are available. Job search organizations have websites in which you can determine which kinds of insurance jobs are increasing in which areas of the country. If you decide early on in your college years that you want to build a good foundation for entering the insurance industry, you can then gear your major and the courses you take to that end.

Courses Related to Insurance

Fortunately, there are many fields of study that will serve you well both as an applicant and as an employee. If you are interested in the growing claims jobs--adjuster, examiner, appraiser, investigator--any business, accounting, or finance background is helpful. Should you specialize in industrial claims, engineering and architectural courses would be invaluable to insurance careers.

The health field is growing more important every year, it seems. This is another growth area, for insurance and for the healthcare area in general. For a claims examiner who specializes in medical and life insurance issues, a medical background would have practical application. The ultimate insurance job will enable you to use your college study to bring special knowledge to your work.

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