Accounting Jobs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The average person is already well acquainted with the duties involved in accounting jobs. Even if people don't have a formal education in accounting, they've usually balanced their own checkbooks, paid their own taxes, or even prepared and operated a company (or family) budget. The same tasks are required of professional accountants with the difference being that it's usually corporate money that's in need of good management.

In the wake of the huge accounting scandals that have rocked the oil, telecommunications, and a handful of other industries, the practice of accounting has come under the microscope. Judiciaries, lawyers, and corporate top brass are all on the lookout for chicanery and other unsavory behavior throughout the business world's ranks, as corruption is hardly unique to accounting departments. In some instances, it turns out that accountants were encouraged (or even forced) to look the other way in the face of flagrant violations. The result has been a renewed emphasis on ethics not just in accounting jobs, but across the corporate spectrum.

Other Duties Involved in Accounting Jobs

Accounting jobs are about more than just balance sheets and ledgers. Accountants are routinely called upon to produce cost reports, estimations, and variance analyses as well. What's more, you may be asked to do this with little or no background on the company that's hired you. While many accounting jobs are full-time salaried positions, just as many are granted on a part-time or contract basis.

Throughout your executive job search, nothing will aid you quite as much as your CPA degree and a list of strong references. If you've worked in finance jobs in the past, all the better, as a multidisciplinary approach to managing money can be attractive to potential employers. Above all else, a devotion to ethics and good judgment will take you far, as the penalties for malfeasance have grown even stiffer in the past few years.

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