Career Builder Web Sites

Written by James Lyons
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Career builder web sites have emerged in recent years to help people develop their professional lives. They give aspiring professionals access to thousands and thousands of jobs all over the world. Some sites cater to specific professions like accounting or sales. Other sites are more general and encompass practically every career choice the business world has to offer.

Even during an economic recession, one can still find thousands of jobs available simply by perusing career builder web sites on the Internet. If you have issues with your resume and need help assembling an attractive, effective, easy-to-follow resume, many of these sites have resume building features specifically designed to help you create a powerful resume. With all the tools available online, there is little need for being unemployed for a long period of time.

Exposure Is the Key

Having worked in human resources departments for various corporations, I have an inside scoop on the hiring process. Most reputable companies subscribe to at least one or two career builder web sites. It's a cost effective way for their recruiters and hiring managers to see who's seeking employment. The more sites you can get your resume on, the better chance you will have to land the job of your dreams.

One corporation might subscribe to and a couple of specialty career builder web sites like and Another company will have an account with and Exposure is the key to finding the right job for you. Cover all your bases and get your credentials in front of as many recruiters as possible by posting your resume on as many career builder web sites as possible. If you are willing to pay a reasonable fee, there are posting services that will do the work of posting your resume with dozens of sites to speed up the process.

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