Career Search Sites

Written by James Lyons
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Career search sites have helped millions of people all over the world find jobs and thousands of companies hire the best candidates. Twenty years ago, job seekers had to comb through classified ads, stuff envelopes, send faxes, and make countless phone calls if they wanted to get a job. Some were lucky enough to be taken on by headhunting firms and search firms.

Things have definitely changed for both job seekers and employers. Times have changed for the better. Employees have more power than ever before largely because of the proliferation of career search sites. Gone are the days of employees staying with the same company for 50 years. This increased competition for talent has lead to better benefits, better wages, and, ultimately, better companies.

Do You Want to Change Careers?

Don't feel strange or guilty if you want to change careers. I've had eight different career paths in my relatively short life. After a great deal of hopping around and exploring, I finally settled on the one career that truly inspires me every day. My current career fully exploits my talents and taps my deep reservoir of passion. How many can say this? If your current job does not inspire you, you can scan the various career search sites and see what's out there.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not necessary to know exactly what you want to do by the age of 18. It is necessary, however, to put yourself in the workforce and to get a feeling of what moves you. Often the things that inspire us in the classroom appall us in the real world. You have a massive job search tool in the Internet, so using it fully can connect you with the best resources.

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