Colorado Job Listings

Written by James Lyons
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Colorado happens to be the only state in history to ever turn down the Olympics. In 1976, the people of Colorado voted by a comfortable majority to not have the Olympics in their backyard. Many might think that was a bad business decision considering the jobs it would have added and the revenue it would have brought to the state. The citizens of Colorado, however, did not want to deal with the added pollution, population, and cost.

The population of Colorado has steadily risen over the past 50 years, especially in cities like Denver and Boulder. The United States Air Force Academy resides in Colorado as well as several other military bases. Colorado offers a unique collection of people, from military brats to modern day hippies who like to snowboard six months a year.

Working in Colorado

The United States government owns over one-third of the land in Colorado and the state boasts 222 wildlife areas. Colorado's major industries include agriculture (wheat, sheep, cattle), tourism, mining, finance, oil, and manufacturing. The finance, oil, and tourism industries have experienced rapid growth in recent years and show little sign of slowing down.

The Colorado job listings are filled with companies in these industries looking for qualified workers. In terms of location, Denver offers the most available jobs in the state. This massive city is developing little edge cities around its perimeter. When you run a job search in Denver, make sure you enter in a mile radius so you can capture the jobs that have emerged in these edge cities.

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