Computer Job Search

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A computer job search can mean one of two very different things depending on how you interpret the phrase. For some, a computer job search means looking for employment in the computer industry. Related jobs may include "back-end" duties such as database design and systems architecture or "front-end" jobs entailing web navigation design and software sales.

Fortunately for those with the needed skills, such jobs are plentiful across the economy and are especially lucrative for those who combine multiple abilities. Programmers can almost always find work with software makers, corporate sites, and offline retailers looking to expand. Add to that repertoire a penchant for engineering, and you're twice as marketable as you were before.

The Other Computer Job Search

The second type of computer job search is for those looking to find employment through online postings. In just the past few years, a crop of job sites have sprung up with new and better features such as resume-writing tips and interviewing skills sections. Couple these with comprehensive listings for clerical, building, and management jobs (just to name a few), and you have a powerful tool to aid you in your quest.

All evidence indicates that greater numbers of job applicants are turning to the Internet not only for jobs, but for expanding their networks and contacting would-be employers as well. In some cases, job-seekers set up "informational" interviews with companies in order to learn more before deciding whether or not to apply. Whether you're conducting an executive job search or simply looking for a summer waiting job to get you through until fall, a computer job search is the way to go.

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