Distribution Jobs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There's no formal course of study one can take in preparation for distribution jobs since their very nature changes from industry to industry. Good business smarts are perhaps the key tool you can develop to distinguish yourself as a strong candidate. Knowledge of market trends in your particular line of work, micro and macroeconomic principles, and a history of success in similar jobs or overlapping fields such as marketing or finance may also carry you far.

Distribution jobs are especially challenging in the new "global" economy. No longer are firms content to sell their goods and services throughout their town or, for that matter, their home state. Nowadays, distribution networks may span the globe and, in the case of "virtual" goods and services, allow for instantaneous delivery or fulfillment.

Computer Skills and Distribution Jobs

Clearly, the skills needed to distribute "content" are radically different from those employed to distribute physical goods such as apparel or food. Instead of coordinating with shipping companies, local reps and liaisons, and inventory managers, those in the business of distributing content must have a strong working knowledge of both front-end and back-end networks and be able to communicate effectively with users.

Another element of web content distribution jobs that's frequently overlooked is the law. Juris Doctorate degrees are ordinarily not required of those in marketing jobs, but it's clearly an asset to any applicant to have at least a familiarity with the legalese related to interstate and international commerce. You may also combine the lessons you've learned from past software jobs into your repertoire, making you an even more well-rounded and qualified candidate.

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