Driver Jobs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Driver jobs span everything from pizza delivery gigs to industrial and commercial cross-country trucking. In between these extremes exist a slew of other driver jobs such as chauffeur opportunities, tour bus duties, and courier services. There are also private drivers who are hired by wealthy individuals to act effectively as personal chauffeurs outside the aegis of a formal limousine company.

One of the biggest selling points of driver jobs is that most people already have the necessary requirements--or at least they think they do. Driving for a company, though, requires more than just automotive knowledge. The successful candidate ought to have an unblemished driving record, good instincts, and the ability to get things done efficiently. Usually, since there are people involved on both the shipping and receiving ends of the transaction, interpersonal skills don't hurt either.

What Do Driver Jobs Pay?

When it comes to compensation, the single biggest factor is the type of job being filled. That's because the skill sets that go along with more complicated jobs fetch higher rates in the employment market. Just about anyone can drive an automatic transmission through the suburbs at a leisurely pace, so that type of job may only pay a few dollars an hour. Not everyone can haul 10 tons of cement on a flatbed from Seattle to Miami, so a job like that might fetch a driver anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 dollars a year.

Before you start investigating trucking jobs, there are a few words of caution to consider. One is that the hours can be brutal. Truckers are often called upon to drive straight through the night without stopping. Two, unlike many cushy manager jobs, driver jobs mean dealing not only with tough customers, but reckless drivers and a host of other hazards as well, so be sure you're cut out for the work before you submit that resume.

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