Finance Careers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Finance careers don't immediately strike most people as the most thrilling of pursuits, but there's much to be said for consistency as well. Unlike more seductive choices, finance careers tend to last, if only because the skills they require are in hot demand, especially around tax season. That's not to suggest that finance and accounting must overlap, only that they make for natural bedfellows.

One of the great things about finance careers is that they're more or less industry-agnostic. You might find a rewarding finance career in film or television, packaging together financial deals and finding ways to make budgets work. You could also work in the legal profession as a financial consultant for a major firm. Of course, there's always Wall Street as well, where more than a few financiers have gone in the hope of retiring by age 30.

The Nitty Gritty on Finance Careers

Unless you have a natural aptitude for finance and some great connections, the best way to find careers in finance is to major in finance. Many entry-level finance jobs actively solicit recent grads who have nothing more than a finance degree and a will to work. Often these firms believe they can simply teach you the rest on the job.

As an alternative, consider majoring in a related field such as accounting or economics, or take a finance concentration as part of an MBA program. If college isn't in your future (or past, for that matter), your best bet is to find a job with a brokerage or finance company, perhaps in some other capacity, and then use your leverage to shift into a finance job. Failing that, you can at least soak up as much knowledge as possible just by paying attention and asking the right questions.

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