Finance Jobs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Finance jobs are plentiful throughout the business world. Any company that takes in revenues and reports expenses must have, at the very least, an accountant to handle the leg work. More often, however, corporations have entire offices dedicated to accounting and finance, which opens up numerous doors for those seeking finance jobs.

Maybe you're looking for a CPA job when you stumble upon an analyst gig at a securities company or brokerage house. If you have an MBA, you might even be qualified for a CFO position, provided you have the experience to back it up. Bring a JD to the table in conjunction with your MBA or CPA degree, and you've got a fierce combination of credentials that will allow you to write your own proverbial ticket.

More Ideas for Finance Jobs

Another tack to consider is getting on board with a startup that has an entrepreneurial spirit. Oftentimes these companies can't afford to pay their employees as much but can compensate them with options and shares. Find one that needs a set of financials to take to venture capital firms or angel investors, and you could hit the jackpot. Obviously, only those with a tolerance for risk will find such finance jobs enticing. Those with hefty mortgages, car payments, alimony, and other expenses will more often need the security of an established company.

Another perk of finance and accounting jobs is that they may let you stay put in your current city or town. As the volume of work being done over the Internet grows, more and more daily tasks are handled through e-mail, which means relocating isn't always a requirement. This can drastically reduce the stress that comes with an executive job search, especially if you're working a second job and need to remain close to home for the time being.

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