Written by James Lyons
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Headhunters are like agents for businessmen and women. They broker deals for their clients and negotiate lucrative contracts. In return for their services, they receive a payment equal to an agreed upon percentage of their client's salary. The company that hires their client pays the fee. This can be a tough business considering its close connection with the overall economy.

The better the economy performs, the better headhunters do. When the economy takes a dive, most headhunting firms and freelance headhunters also take a dive. Strapped for cash, most companies are not willing to part with the fees that accompany headhunters. They use all their internal resources to identify the best candidates for their company. They resort to online candidate search engines like Headhunter.net to generate their pools of viable candidates.

The Emergence of Headhunter.net

Headhunter.net was recently acquired by Careerbuilder.com to create a more comprehensive online job board. Both of these online job boards attracted thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of job seekers. With their resources combined, Headhunter.net and Careerbuilder.com have become one the world's leading online job boards. In a sense, this newly integrated site has become one giant headhunter, demonstrating the popularity of online job boards.

The job of a headhunter is to create a perfect match. In fact, most headhunters have a clause in their contract that requires them to pay back all or a percentage of their fee if their candidate leaves within a designated period of time. Their candidates usually have to stay at least 90 days for them to keep 100 percent of their fee.

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