Human Resources Job Sites

Written by James Lyons
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Human resources departments have become dependant upon resume search engines. Mid to larger sized companies typically have their own human resources information systems that contain a resume search element. Recruiters and database managers usually build this piece of their in-house systems over time, uploading resumes and applications over the years. They build their own search engines by mining resumes off other online job boards.

In a corporate environment, the candidate search process often begins with a search of the company's in-house database. Again, many of these resumes were pulled from job boards like,,, and In fact, the IT Department often teams with the HR Department to develop programs that automatically mine resumes from these sites. If you have a resume on one of these aforementioned websites, your resume is probably in the database of a number of different corporate databases.

Human Resources Job Sites for HR Professionals

How do human resources professionals find jobs? They find them the same way other people find them. There are career sites specifically created for HR professionals.,, and are among a few of the online job boards designed for people who work in human resources.

Human resources job sites are a reflection of a specialization trend occurring in the recruiting world. There are recruiting companies that purely focus on recruiting recruiters for other companies. Other recruiting companies and online job boards are even more specialized than that. Some of these recruiting firms recruit recruiters who have specific experience recruiting accountants and auditors. As time goes on, the business world will likely continue down this path of specialization.

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