Human Resources Jobs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The funny thing about human resources jobs is that they're the very ones that are in part used to find other people jobs. Human resources departments vary widely from company to company; some are diplomacy-heavy and require employees to settle disputes and intervene when personnel problems arise. Others do little more than the actual hiring and firing.

Human resources jobs require a unique blend of skills and inborn traits. In one sense, HR reps are a job applicant's closest ally and are there to answer questions and concerns in advance of hiring. At the same time, the HR department still works for the greater company and is therefore beholden to its interests, even when they conflict with those of prospective employees.

More Requirements for Human Resources Jobs

Not only must you be diplomatic and professional in your role as an HR rep, you must be empathetic as well. Poorly run HR departments are a nightmare with which most job-seekers are all too familiar. Weeks and weeks of neglected e-mails and phone calls are the hallmark of HR offices in disrepair. Great HR workers are therefore able to empathize with frustrated applicants and help mend rifts that may occur in the interviewing process.

Human resources jobs also require of their candidates a solid understanding of human psychology, especially as regards office politics. Often, the HR worker is the first line of defense for employees who feel they've been wronged. On other occasions, they are entrusted with sensitive information, which means they must also show discretion and even, in some instances (e.g. sexual harassment claims), have some legal training as well.

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