Job Interview Process

Written by James Lyons
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The job interview process can be very stressful and the whole thing can be so dreadfully inauthentic. Job seekers put on their best suits, paint on a smile, and coast in like they've been perfect employees all their professional lives. The employers, on the other hand, act as if their companies are bastions of morality and personal growth. I've even heard a hiring manager refer to a job as "a personal growth plan with a compensation plan attached."

Interviewing Tips

The point is both sides are trying to make a sell during the job interview process. The candidate is selling her skills, experience and education and the hiring manager is selling the job, the benefits, and possibilities for advancement. It's rare that either side fully expresses the drawbacks, pitfalls, or weaknesses. I advise all job seekers to be as forthright as possible during the job interview process.

You don't have to tell them you're scared of clowns or that you like wearing loose underwear, but you should come prepared with some probing questions. Do your research before the interview. If it's a publicly traded company, find out how the stock is doing. Ask about the company's overall management philosophy--is it micromanagement, completely hands off, or somewhere in between? Interview the company as much as the company interviews you.

Before interviewing, though, you will have to post your resume. Your resume should be completely factual and up to date. Be sure to include any educational experiences that you have had, including and computer training or workshops that are relevant to the job at hand. In order to get your resume under as many noses as possible, it's worth looking into resume posting services that can send out your resume to a variety of job boards and hiring managers.

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