Marketing Jobs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Thanks to the Internet, the nature of marketing jobs has seen a sea change in recent years. Granted, many of the "offline" marketing jobs that have existed for decades are still alive and well. That said, a whole new category of online marketing jobs has sprung up practically overnight, and these jobs are beholden to an entirely different set of rules.

A standard office marketing job may involve consumer research, budget management, and report assessment. There are endless meetings, focus groups, test subjects, and brainstorming sessions all meant to do one thing: generate more money for the client. In some cases, this client is the very company that's doing the work; most big corporations have their own internal marketing departments. In other instances, marketing firms are charged with designing campaigns for their own clients.

The Difference with Web Marketing Jobs

Web marketing jobs still call on these same essential rules but also add a few new dimensions. When you start talking about web marketing jobs, you're talking CPC (cost per click), CTR (click-through rate), and a host of other abbreviations. Adjusting these rates depends on web analytics, a growing field that examines online consumer behavior in order to make predictions about future activities, namely those that will result in sales.

These positions take some of the responsibilities of finance jobs, combine them with elements of sales jobs, and draw on principles of advertising, customer service, and logistics as well. The end result is an animal unlike anything seen before the Internet's heyday. The good news for job seekers is that these positions continue to open as more and more companies conduct their business online and those that are entrenched in the bricks-and-mortar world start to adapt to the new economy.

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