Marketing Jobs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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One of the greatest attractions of marketing jobs is that they manage to intersect with just about every conceivable industry. A snack foods company is in just as much need of an outstanding marketing campaign as is a real estate developer or law firm. After all, it's of little use having the best brokers or attorneys on the planet if nobody realizes it. The goal is to sell your product.

These days, big corporations have an entire arsenal of weapons at their disposal. It's not uncommon for a well-capitalized industry leader to have its own internal marketing department in addition to an outside ad agency that handles its campaigns. These teams may work together and even confab with a separate public relations firm that handles press releases, damage control, and other "face" considerations.

Finding Marketing Jobs Online

Unlike most CEO and CFO jobs, marketing jobs are readily available to the online job-seeker. Some listings are industry-specific while others are tailored to salary levels or geographic location. The advantage of using an online job locator is that you the applicant may select any of these search criteria to begin your quest. Maybe you've spent years in the athletic shoe industry and would feel most comfortable landing at Adidas, Nike, or Reebok. On the other hand, maybe you know you're never going to leave upstate Washington, and so you need to find employment there.

Whichever method you use to approach marketing jobs, the same caveats apply. Always do your best to find the name of the contact at your desired firm, as cover letters beginning with "To whom it may concern" put one leg behind you in the race to the goal. Always remember as well that you're seeking a marketing job, so you should ostensibly be an expert at marketing yourself. Say what you will about your advertising prowess, but if you fail to present yourself well in a cover letter and resume, all those Golden Lion awards you've won are for naught.

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