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Written by James Lyons
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The new Hot Jobs website is a joint venture between and This is a powerful pairing considering the reach and coverage both these sites have. Between and, job seekers have access to over a million different job opportunities all around the globe. I suggest posting your resume on both sites before seeking out the more specialized online job boards. Despite how comprehensive these sites are, there is also a lot of competition for the posted jobs. It can pay off to also post to a number of smaller sites as well.

Like, the new Hot Jobs website displays a number of excellent features for both job seekers and recruiters. The former can search jobs by keyword, location, and job category just like Thousands of recruiters all over the world love using this site to search for viable candidates because it allows them to run very specialized searches.

The New Hot Jobs for Recruiters

Corporate and contingency recruiters can search for candidates who live in specific geographic regions, who have worked with specific companies, who have specific skills and have a specific amount of professional experience. has become a staple for most corporate recruiters, headhunting firms and contingency search firms. It is a must join for anyone looking to enhance their career opportunities.

As a job seeker it's vital to know which online job boards are most frequently used by recruiters. This is how most of them generate their pools of candidates. Good recruiters also do a great deal of networking and direct sourcing, but the online career builder web sites are among their most powerful and consistently used resources. If you are using a resume posting service, it can still be a good idea to post to these sites as well.

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