New Job Openings

Written by James Lyons
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The papers and online job sites add new job openings every single day. The best time to check the online job boards is Saturday morning. Most companies do their postings on Thursdays and Fridays, giving job seekers the weekends to examine the job sites. Hiring managers then use Mondays and Tuesdays to review resumes and set up interviews for the coming weeks.

Treat your job search like a battle. The more weapons you have in your arsenal, the better chance you have at winning the battle. Your first two weapons are a resume and cover letter, although the latter has lost some significance over the years. Putting together a clear, powerful resume takes some time and research. I suggest consulting the resume builder functions of a few recommended career builder websites.

Tips for Landing New Jobs

Your cover letter should highlight your shining points. It should be clear and brief. Write one paragraph about your education and experience and one paragraph that explains how your background qualifies you for the job. In the second paragraph, let the company know that you have done your research. The first paragraph can be used for every cover letter. The second one has to be tailored.

If you plan on working in a corporate environment, get a good suit. Your appearance counts in the corporate world, unless you're going to work with an upstart dotcom business. Make sure your shoes are shined and you have a respectable tie if you are a man. For women, it is recommended that you don't wear too many accessories. In addition, you might want to wear a watch to the interview even if you don't typically wear watches.

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