Online Employment Opportunities

Written by James Lyons
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The Internet has transformed the way in which people find new jobs. It has transformed how companies find the right employees and executives. It has also helped make the process quicker and less expensive, two things companies love to hear. Online job opportunities abound. Job seekers have more tools and more power today than they ever had before.

I was laid off from a corporate job during one of our country's worst economic recessions. All over the world corporations were laying off millions of people, forced to cut costs to stay above water. The easiest way for a company to save money is to lay off or terminate employees. Overnight, organizations can save millions and millions of dollars by letting go of their biggest financial liability--the employees.

Online Employment Opportunities Saved Me

Those people who were not acquainted with the Internet and the hundreds of online job boards had a tough time finding employment. Many settled for jobs they were overqualified for because they were desperate to pay the bills. I can appreciate that. I, however, was able to find a job that paid just as well as my previous job and had more potential for upward mobility.

During a recession, I managed to find a job that was a step up for me. Moreover, I worked in human resources, which is typically one of the toughest areas in which to find a job during an economic recession. How did I do this? I employed the services of a resume posting service which blasted my resume to over 70 job boards. In addition, I combed the career builder websites every day looking for new postings in my field. I had a great job within three weeks of being laid off.

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