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Written by James Lyons
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The job search process has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. The hiring process has experienced just as much change over the same period of time. What happened? As you may have guessed, the Internet has changed the way workers look for jobs and the way employers look for workers. This evolution has proved to be exciting for people on both sides.

The Internet has also created an entire business built around job postings. Newspapers and trade magazines used to have this business cornered. If a company needed to get the word out about an open position, the recruiters would post advertisements in local and national newspapers. Some companies would place ads in trade publications and others would use headhunters and search firms.

New Problems for Job Seekers

Finding a job isn't as difficult as it used to be especially if you have Internet access. The problem job seekers have today is a problem of abundance--an abundance of online job listings. There are literally hundreds of career sites on the Internet that list open jobs all over the country and in many cases all over the world. Employers pay a fee to these career sites so they can post open jobs.

Those looking for a job can then peruse the Internet to see if an appropriate job opening is available. Every day there are thousands and thousands of open jobs all over the world posted on the Internet. Job seekers, however, have so many options that many have no idea where to start. There are the obvious choices like and, but many people seeking employment have no idea where to go after that.

Aside from the two aforementioned job sites, there are hundreds of other online job sites where job seekers can examine job listings and/or post their resumes. How many sites do you know about? Monster and Hotjobs are excellent place to start, but you shouldn't limit yourself to these two job boards. You are competing with thousands and thousands of other applicants when you post your resume on these sites.

More Online Job Listings

Many employers use Monster and Hotjobs in addition to more obscure online job boards. Certain job boards are more specialized, thus enabling employers to perform more specific searches when looking for candidates. With that in mind, it's a great idea to have your resume posted on as many job sites as possible. This will only increase your chances of finding the right job for you.

The best problem you can have as a job seeker is to have too many job interviews. I've had that problem in the past and it felt good. It gave me some leverage in my job interviews. In my interviews I was consistently asked about my job search, and I was able to tell each interviewer that I had several job interviews lined up.

This invariably piqued their interest and gave me a little power in the process. I had a number of interviews scheduled because I had my resume posted on over 50 job sites all over the Internet. Every day, hundreds of recruiters all over the country were looking at my resume. If you are looking for the perfect job, remember to treat yourself like a business. Every good business has a good marketing plan that involves reaching the most amount of people for the smallest amount of money. You are a business.

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