Physical Therapy Jobs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For those who have studied orthopedics and occupational therapy, there are a number of great physical therapy jobs available. Not only are there jobs for established therapists, but opportunities abound for recent graduates of accredited physical therapy programs. For those just getting started, there are also PTA jobs (assistant jobs) that can serve as springboards into full-fledged PT roles.

Most physical therapy jobs entail the restoration of or compensation for loss of function suffered through falls, injuries, or just congenital conditions. Sports medicine is one popular overlapping field whose skills are congruent with those of standard PT curricula. Needless to say, there's a high degree of specialization within sports medicine, as the nature and severity of injuries can change drastically from sport to sport.

Perks of Physical Therapy Jobs

One of the key attractions of physical therapy jobs is the opportunity to help heal those in pain. Like doctors, physical therapists take an oath to administer treatment in a way that's beneficial to the patient's overall health. This may sound like common sense, but lots of therapists and chiropractors are subjected to criticism as butchers, which is far from the case. As in any field, there are good physical therapists and bad physical therapists.

Another perk of PT is that, as with most doctor jobs and nurse jobs, there's a universal demand for good practitioners. This means that you have the opportunity to work and live in whatever region of the country (or world) you choose. You will, however, need to comply with all local medical laws and pass whatever state-mandated boards are required before the granting of your license.

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