Physician Jobs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Physician jobs are unlike most other jobs you'll find posted on employment boards. Sure, there are positions that require five to 10 years of experience of their applicants, but few have such demanding criteria. A contractor may take a freelance framer or electrician who's a few years short of the ideal credentials, but no hospital will take a physician who hasn't passed his or her medical boards.

To qualify for physician jobs, there's no skirting the fundamentals. You must not only endure four years of undergraduate work that's chemistry- and biology-intensive, but you must pass rigorous standardized tests just to gain admittance into medical school. You then face three to four more years of specialized (and expensive) training depending on the type of degree you're seeking, a one-year internship, "rotations," and a residency at a hospital. Of course, this is only one way to go, but it's one of the most popular routes taken.

The Dirty Secrets of Physician Jobs

Not too long ago, aspiring doctors could count on their physician jobs to pay a handsome enough salary to make the investment in such an exorbitant education worth it. Doctors could command the premiums they felt they were worth and enjoy other benefits such as a nice house and car, fabulous vacations, and respect throughout the community. While this last perk remains, many of the monetary incentives to take up medicine have disappeared since the rise of managed care. Now, doctors are paid whatever their networks feel they should be paid, which makes finding attractive doctor jobs that much harder.

Few doctors get into medicine for the money alone, but dollars clearly play an important role. It's worth keeping this firmly in mind before starting your search for health care jobs, as it's not only doctors who've witnessed declining rates. Nurses, assistants, EMTs, and other emergency responders have all seen a dip in the rates their abilities can earn them, even as the cost of living continues to rise.

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