Recruiter Jobs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Recruiter jobs can be found across a smattering of fields, from the tech sector to the service economy. There are placement agencies that recruit workforce talent specifically for medical jobs, lawyer jobs, or creative jobs. Then there are those agencies that hire aboard contractors with broad-based educations and the all-important ability to think on their feet.

The recruiter jobs at these "temp" agencies or placement groups can be rewarding for reasons extending beyond a mere paycheck. A lot of people make job satisfaction one of their highest criteria on their employment preferences ladder (if you don't already have one you need to make one), and recruiter jobs deliver the goods. There's great fulfillment in using one's talents to help other people find work.

The Skinny on Recruiter Jobs

The first thing that many recruiters do after they've scheduled a preliminary interview with their candidates is to administer skills tests. These help a recruiter pinpoint his or her applicants' strong and weak points, which is a key step in matching personnel with appropriate jobs. During this phase of the get-to-know-you process, a recruiter might learn about a candidate's special traits. Some applicants have amazing skills or knowledge bases that only manifest themselves after a bit of prodding.

Some recruiter jobs pay their employees a fee in perpetuity with their hires' contracts. This may be an annual fee at a fixed rate of several hundred or even several thousand dollars, or it may be a percentage of their hires' salary. Naturally, this compensation comes directly from the employer whose needs have been filled, not the candidate who's been staffed.

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