Registered Nurse Jobs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There are registered nurse jobs available in a number of different facilities, from long-term care environments to outpatient settings. If you have your RN license, there are abundant opportunities within health maintenance organizations, doctors' offices, emergency rooms, and clinics. One of the best aspects of registered nurse jobs is that the skills required to perform them are transferable from city to city, state to state, and even country to country.

The need for good nurses has never been greater. As lower premiums drive increasing numbers of practitioners away from medicine, more and more qualified nurses are needed to fill vacancies, respond to emergencies, and provide continuing care for the elderly. Moreover, with a generation of baby boomers now reaching retirement, that need will only continue to expand.

Qualifications for Registered Nurse Jobs

Aside from your RN license, there are a number of other requirements you'll need to fill in order to earn the RN jobs you're after. Many agencies and health providers look for ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) certification as a prerequisite for employment. Other organizations have minimum requirements for time spent in acute care facilities. In addition to these tangible criteria, there are a host of other traits that any good nurse will bring to the table.

As a registered nurse, you are often the primary day-to-day liaison for your patients. As a result, it's the other kind of patience that you'll need to call on to get through your day. Above that, compassion and kindness are absolutely indispensable to those seeking registered nurse jobs. Whether you're a candidate for travel nurse jobs, doctors' office positions, military nursing opportunities, or any other role that nurses regularly fill, these intangibles will largely determine your success.

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