Sales Careers

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Sales careers are among the most financially rewarding options for those uninterested in law school or med school. In fact, many sales reps make significantly more money than attorneys and physicians simply because their compensation is determined by their sales volume. A legal eagle might save his or her client millions of dollars in damages, but that lawyer rarely gets a cut of the action. Of course, there are attorneys whose fees amount to a third of their clients' settlements, but this does not describe the bulk of lawyers out there.

Aside from the limitless monetary rewards, sales careers offer several other perks. One of these is frequent travel, as clients and leads pop up all over the map. It can be awfully nice for sales reps in places like Chicago, Boston, and New York City to head south during the brutal winter months and meet with customers in Florida, Texas, and California. In some industries, intercontinental travel may also be called for.

Other Perks of Sales Careers

On a more emotional level, sales careers often prove rewarding to those with "Type A" personalities. Many of these reps would never trade the rush that comes with closing a deal for the staid environment of a traditional office and the same dull routine day in and day out. Sales is all about confidence, presentation, interpersonal skills, and human psychology, which makes the field a natural draw for armchair shrinks and anthropologists or anyone fascinated by the study of human behavior.

Another fringe benefit of sales careers is the flexibility that comes with setting one's own schedule. While there are quotas to be met and deadlines to adhere to, most reps can pick and choose when they work, provided they make their monthly, quarterly, or yearly numbers. If and when they do, there are frequently bonuses and other incentives built into their contracts that only add to the thrill of the job.

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