Sales Jobs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Sales jobs are some of the best opportunities for those without advanced degrees or formal educations to make a fantastic living. There's really no ceiling on the money a great sales rep can earn, partly because he or she works on commission. The more product sold, the more of that money comes back to the seller. Oftentimes, this is because the salesperson's commission rate rises proportionately with volume sold.

Now for the downside: sales jobs are some of the hardest around, even (especially) in the most lucrative industries. As a general rule, the higher the price tag on the item, the more training and expertise required to make the sale. Take houses as one example. The actual components of the sale--generating the lead, making the pitch, closing the deal, and collecting the money--are no different than those involved in selling steak knives. The difference is, a real estate agent has literally hundreds of loose ends to tie up before the transaction can be completed. A knife seller does not.

Training Camp for Sales Jobs

One of the rubs with sales jobs is that you usually need experience to get them. Of course, it's impossible to get that experience if no one's willing to take you aboard and train you, resulting in the all-too-familiar Catch-22. Fortunately, there are many industries that embrace newcomers to the sales force. If you get in with the right company, a lot of times your training will be fully covered. That said, there are a few qualities you'll need to bring along.

One of the most important traits for succeeding at any sales job is optimism. So long as you view rejection (which is inevitable) as business related and not personal, you can put your failed pitches in the right place and move along. If you feel like you're better equipped to help others overcome rejection, perhaps you'd be more suited to sales management jobs. Of the many kinds of manager positions out there, it is arguably sales manager jobs that offer the most interaction with employees and customers.

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