Software Jobs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Open your local paper's classifieds section and you'll notice that there's no dearth of software jobs. What's more, there are ample job offerings at all stages of the software development, programming, sales, and service chain. It sometimes seems that the technology sector alone may single-handedly buoy the economy, even as jobs are being slashed across the board in every other field or trade.

The reason for this is that more and more people depend on their computers to conduct their day-to-day jobs. Even those workers in manufacturing jobs may turn to their desktop or laptop computers to handle invoices, accounts payable, insurance forms, inventory, and of course their daily correspondence, which more commonly takes the form of e-mail than a phone call or face-to-face visit. All the while, workers in more corporate settings are expanding the powers of their computing networks by upgrading to new and better software that automates additional dimensions of their jobs.

Types of Software Jobs

One of the most commonly advertised software jobs on the market is that of the application designer or programmer. Before any software suite is ready for public consumption, it must be thoroughly battle-tested for possible bugs and other problems that arise from poor planning or shoddy programming. As a result, companies go to great lengths to employ smart designs in their software that predict user behavior and accommodate for it. Until computers begin to think for themselves, this will continue to require a human being behind the wheel.

There are also software jobs on the so-called front end, such as sales reps and customer service agents. Anyone who's ever tried to call his or her computer company for help troubleshooting a machine may harbor doubts as to whether or not customer service reps really exist. Rest assured that they do, and that their jobs are often lucrative ones since they require expertise in highly specialized areas. These workers may be operating out of a call center in India, but they're employed nonetheless. If it's been a while since you've crossed the Atlantic or Pacific, you may want to pursue job prospects in the software service industry.

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